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sabrinabd's Journal

26 August 1972
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Sabrina is an Award Winning Belly Dancer currently located in San Diego, California.

1st Place:
Belly Dancer of the Universe - Egyptian
Belly Dancer of the Universe - People's Choice
Queen of the Nile
Arabesque Belly Dance Competition

Most recent wins:
Arabesque Belly Dance Competition - San Diego
Beirut Nights Belly Dance Competition - Los Angeles

Sabrina has performed for the Royal Families of the Middle East as well as headlined in the nightclubs and restaurants of Los Angeles and Orange County.

She has a foundation in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Sabrina has trained with some of the most respected masters in the fields of Western and Middle Eastern dance.

While her performance is based in classical Egyptian technique, she also performs tribal fusion belly dance, gothic belly dance and cyber-goth-techno-fusion belly dance at appropriate venues.

Sabrina is available for:
Weddings, Parties, Special Occasions, Henna Parties, Zeffat al Aroosa with Shamadan, Workshops, Conventions, Concerts, Corporate Events.
[No bachelor parties please.]

info at sabrinabellydancer dot com
myspace do com / sabrinabellydancer