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Fri: GT was 1/2 full. Faiz played beautiful music as I danced around the unsupervised little floor munchkins.  One little boy nearly stepped on my skirt, then announced he is 5 and was a baby when he was born. I laughed and said I was born a baby too.  Next table! 

Posed for a few pics with the other large family table.  Did 3 laps in total :)  1/2 way through the show, Sakti's son appeared in the doorway with a white bag.  I knew my black costume was in there. Yay! So I danced my way to the door, quickly asked him to drop the bag next to the keyboard player, thanked him for dropping it off and kept dancing.  Owners were appreciative. Got a to go box of dinner. I gave some customers my card. The little boy wanted one too.  I gave it to him and he announced to his mother, "I have her phone number!" Changed and drove to FPP.

FPP wasn't busy till after 9pm so they held the show 1/2 an hour.  House dancer (who makes our schedule) accidentally double booked me with another dancer again.  But it worked out ok because the other dancer wanted to go home and study for a final exam.  Glad that resolved itself easily with no hurt feelings.  Show was good.  The owner declared he likes my copper and gold bedlah with full chiffon skirt and sleeves costume I'm wearing, much more than the lime green Egyptian spandex number from last time I danced there.  Well of course! The copper and gold cost nearly $800!  The green was $200 + extra rhinestones.  At least he has good taste! Haha! I stopped on the way out to take some pictures with a couple and their  baby.  They were stoked! I think I was the baby's first belly dancer.  Awesome! They gave the baby a dollar to give to me.  When I took it, the baby started to cry so I gave it back.  We all laughed... and they gave me a better tip :)

Was supposed to go to Ana's party after, but it was late and I felt a major headache coming on so I didn't get to go. Needed some sleep.

Sat: Wedding gig.  Wore the purple and gold Abla to match their wedding colors.  Was a very nice family.  I thought the kids scrambling on the floor were going to take my tips. (sometimes it happens) But they were so sweet, they arranged all the $1 bills (thrown money shower style) in neat little stacks on the edge of the dance floor.  It was so sweet. My assistant picked them up at the end of the show, along with my sword, 7 foot Isis wings and what ever other glittery stuff I left on stage :)

I knew it was a good show because the ladies wanted to take pictures with me afterward and the elderly ladies gave me the double cheek kiss, thanked me and asked for my cards.  A man followed me to the door to ask for cards and my party rates.  It feels really good to go into a job and create an accurate representation of the hosts' cultural dance in a way that makes them happy. When the elderly ladies like it, you know its good ;)

The videographers had the big cameras on trolleys and chased me around the dance floor during the show.  It was really funny.  I asked them for a card but they said they didn't have any.  So I wrote down their website.  "Under construction" with no contact info.  Noooo!  I must get a copy of that video!  Will hunt down their info from the bride after her honeymoon.

Tomorrow is a very early brunch, visiting with cousins and then the 8pm show at ABC (for future reference, ABC is Ali Baba's Cave in Sorrento Valley) I'm at ABC every Sunday in August.  If Sundays stay busy, they will keep having me for a Sun. show.  Please keep your fingers crossed! We are trying a new format there.  The show will be a little shorter and will be followed by a mini belly dance lesson, free to patrons.  Its good for the restaurant because its something unique to offer and its good for me because it takes the same amount of time as a full night club show (so no loss) and helps advertise for my regular classes.  Its an experiment.

Stopped at the all-night store to get some juice for the brunch in the morning.  Ran into an interesting scam. A woman at the register holds up the line asking if anyone has change for $100 bill.  If you say yes and give her the change, she texts someone waiting in the parking lot to mug you for the $100 on the way out.  Fortunately, I've heard of this before.  Lo and behold, there was a lone guy waiting in  a nondescript truck. When I got near my car, he got out of his truck. I quickly got in my car and went home. Be careful out there! People are crafty and more desperate every day.

I am so lucky and feel very grateful that in these tough economic times, I can drive to work, do what I love most, wearing something sparkly and outlandish, have a nice restaurant dinner (most places feed the dancers), go home and take a hot shower.  My class is full and I'm  starting 2 new ones at Cuyamaca College Sept. 10 (Beginning and Int/Adv if you are interested send me a message please) Even have inquiries about teaching workshops at upcoming festivals (2010 & 2011) I am truly blessed and appreciate the opportunity to be gigging and teaching full time. Thank you Universe ++

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Good night.

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Wow, i haven't been on LJ in weeks.  But was brought back by a moment to breathe and a kind post by castorsd 

The quick and dirty version...well not that dirty.

Many local M.E. venue shows.  Yay work.  The Comic Con.  Comic Strip comic themed burlesque show + 1 belly dancer (me), 1 new Sunday gig at a new local venue.  Yoga 1x week, super helpful.  As much of Ray's Boot Camp as I can get in. 

have been trading dance class attendance credits  and seo/sem for all kinds of stuff. aside for the financial/economy stuff, my lifestyle looks better now from all the trades than when i was working full time in an office.  haha  been spending a lot of time with the grandparents.  they are needing more and more help to manage daily stuff.  hard to watch but glad to help.

And today I was officiall offered and accepted the position of Belly Dance Professor at Cuyamaca College.  We start Sept. 10.  I'm so excited and honored to have the position.
I remember when I took Angelika Nemeth's classes at the local junior college and thought how great it would be to have that position.  Well, many *ahem* years later, I have my chance.  Single minded obsession has its perks. ;)

I'll attempt to catch up on what's been going on with everyone here after I get some sleep. Hope its been good stuff

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some of my inbound mail from hotmail and cox.net mailservers is not being delivered and off playing in the ether.  hotmail accounts are not receiving my outbound mail either....sometimes.

so i submitted a ticket to my mail host.  they wrote back that i need to delete some emails making more storage.  i wrote back that i've paid for and received unlimited storage and they can see that clearly by viewing my account, and would they kindly investigate further.

just received a received a message from "support" that i should send them the header information from the emails...the ones i never received.
they didn't bounce, they didn't get delivered.  what header would they like? i don't save a copy of everything sent.  oy!

if you need me relatively quickly, just text me till i get this mail issue worked out. ok? thanks
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just got back form my father's day gig at a local senior home.  can't call it a nursing home because its really well appointed and they have all levels of care.

anyway, the staff was lovely and helpful setting up my speakers.  the residents were into it and clapped and moved around in their seats to the music.  those who could stand or walk were brought up to dance a bit.  i danced a whole song with a man who was in the british army in the 50's in the suez canal conflicts.  he said he saw some very famous belly dancers while on duty in egypt.  i wish i could've climbed into his brain and seen his memories.  was it samia gamal? tahia carioca? a young nagua fouad? i asked him how he came to live in san diego, he would only say its a long story.  i bet it is. 

it was quite an international group. a polish woman danced without asisstance, a japanese woman tried to get out of her wheel chair and dance but couldn't stand so some of the attendants held her hands and moved her around.  one woman, who i thought was in her own world really came present when the music got lively. only one woman gave me stink eye and held her husbands hand really tight when i came near.  it made me feel a little sad for her.

over all, they really responded to the music and large colorful shapes of my skirt and veil.  so, this is an excellent reminder on father's day: if you have elderly people in your life, give them music, give them dancing, give them art - as much as possible, its so impotant to keep their minds stimulated with new and creative things.  happy father's day!

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 preping the acid green egyptian lycra for cairo caravan. fingers so tired of crystal chain. waist band and hem will wait till morning.  

open note to egyptian costume beaders:  "please please please knot the ends of your threads so i don't have to spend hours finishing your work!" why can they do the most exquisite hand beading and keep the stretch in the fabric but neglect to knot the end of the thread to secure the design on the fabric?

the latest show/festival dvds ripped for your viewing pleasure :p

the custom jazz fusion costume from miss kate.  most comfortable costume ever!  thanks again

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quite possible the fastest ad i ever made.  never claimed to be a graphic designer :p

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more silliness from dusty...Collapse )


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 I've officially added Greek Village and Troy's Greek Restaurant to my schedule. Yay!

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 aside from the wedding, the absolute highlight of my trip to cabo san lucas was meeting the local dancers and teaching workshops for them. 
i taught a beladi progession workshop for the local teachers and an egyptian song for the local students + a little "shimmy lab"  this is a pic of us all sweaty after the egyptian song class. i'm obviously the one in glasses.  ylenia, the studio owner and my new friend,  is on my right.  she raqs!

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