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Free Range Show Girl: priceless comments - sabrinabd
Free Range Show Girl: priceless comments
Did 4 sets on Sat night. GV was slow but glad to have the gig. 2 set private party was split between those too embarrassed by their own presence to watch and the group of ladies who love to dance and joined in....and their little 5 year old boy who got down with some hip hop in the middle of the dance floor during the show.

The priceless comments from kids:
1. At my 1st gig, an afternoon lecture demo for a kids musical theater group. A little boy asked, after my sword act, "Do you have a magnet in your brain?"
2. After sword set at party another little boy asks, "Is that a trick headband?" Inquiring as to how I keep the sword on my head.

Yes, their are magnets in my brain, Wanna see? *fakes opening head like a horror movie*

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