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All the costumes are sewn.  All gigs, clases & shows covered. Workshops finally confirmed. Have a ride to & from airport. Fights, hotel, visas. Phew!!!

Now off to pack.  I will hopefully be sending pictures from my phone to twitter @sabrinabd  for twitpic links and facebook.com/sabrinabellydancer
don't know how much interwebs I'll have.

Don't worry... castorsd  will be with me.

Off on my first Asia trip!! Whee! 
Ozma & Eshe - so sorry I can't get to you this time.  Japan and Korea for sure next time :)


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Did 4 sets on Sat night. GV was slow but glad to have the gig. 2 set private party was split between those too embarrassed by their own presence to watch and the group of ladies who love to dance and joined in....and their little 5 year old boy who got down with some hip hop in the middle of the dance floor during the show.

The priceless comments from kids:
1. At my 1st gig, an afternoon lecture demo for a kids musical theater group. A little boy asked, after my sword act, "Do you have a magnet in your brain?"
2. After sword set at party another little boy asks, "Is that a trick headband?" Inquiring as to how I keep the sword on my head.

Yes, their are magnets in my brain, Wanna see? *fakes opening head like a horror movie*

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in the final hours of organization of the fundraiser for nadirah. i really hope we raise enough to be helpful to her.  thank you to everyone who donated the outrageously generous raffle prizes.
i've been elected mc, so have sewn crystals to a red dress.  that counts right?  that makes it official?
ok, now i have to decide on my costume, get all the prizes into one large bin, bet the bin into the generously loaned truck. get 1 cupcake for the birthday girl, pack the sana helwa cd (thanks bea and candi! ), pack my gear and be @ the theater by 7:30.  totally doable.
ready...go!  keep your fingers crossed that the people from the casino really do show up to check out the show.  can be *very* good for the performers
fundraiser flierCollapse )

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the showcase. Thanks to the amazing performers. Thanks to the venue - especially for the cool new purple and lime super stylin sofa in the dressing room/green room.  A nice surprise & we like it!

Next month is the special Fund Raiser Showcase for Nadirah.  Band, dancers, drummers, awesome raffle prizes and a very important cause.
Wed. Sept. 9th 9pm Lestat's West Theater $10. Hope to see you there.  Will keep you updated.

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Belly Dance Showcase Tonight!

Belly Dance Nights Showcase Tonight 9pm.
Lestat's West Theater. Cantera, Cairo Beats, Delilah, Elizabeth, and me. Only $5 for a lovely evening of entertainment. Hope to see you there.

3343 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116-1821
(619) 282-0437

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Prayer quilt blessing ceremony for Nadirah. SUN. 10:45am.  All faiths/non-faiths welcome to say a blessing/prayer/healing thought for her and tie a knot on the quilt.  Many people take their quilts filled with prayers and well wished to chemo treatments. Helps get them through it. Many thanks to Badeah for making this possible!

Tierrasanta Lutheran Church
11240 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego 92124
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For those who have expressed desire to donate to my friend Nadirah, who is battling cancer :
The first "Donate" button is up on my site.  I will put it on her site as soon as I have access.

If you wish to purchase fund raiser raffle tickets, please send $1 per ticket via the "Donate" button and send me an email detailing your:
How many tickets purchased

I'll keep all the fundraiser raffle info in a giant spreadsheet and notify remote ticket holders of what they won.
Thanks to everyone for your generous, speedy respones.
info at sabrinabellydancer dot com

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My friend and beautiful belly dancer, Nadirah, has been diagnosed with cancer. She is having emergency surgery. So I am organizing a fundraiser for her,  which will be held during our normal Wed. Sept. 9th showcase at Lestat's West Theater.  Middle Earth Ensemble will be performing with some favorite local dancers. 

We will also have a raffle to help raise funds for Nadirah's medical care.  If you would like to donate a raffle prize please contact me directly. We will also be accepting monetary donations on her behalf.  Any help is appreciated.  Hope to see many of you at the show.  More details to follow.

info at sabrinabellydancer dot com  or 858.337.1728

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Tonight I had the honor of teaching 3 classes. I managed to turn this last weekend's two weird gig relinquishing incidents into teaching tools to help build my dancers "better, faster, stronger".

Lesson 1: If a house dancer suddenly takes you off the schedule because you "need to slim down" but you weigh less than when you auditioned and were hired, and the last time you danced there the audience stood up, clapped and shouted "Bravo"  A: something else is up  and B: this kind of stuff will happen in your career, its just a matter of when. You will be told you are too young, too old, too short, too tall, too pale, too dark, too smart, too dumb, too much of an accent though you don't speak on stage, one too many freckles, and all manner of other nonsense. Smile, wish them well and move on. Another venue will love you.

Lesson 2: If, on your first night at a gig, the owner explodes in anger when you ask to be paid, its a gift that it happened in the beginning and you didn't waste more time there or let the place become attached to your name / reputation.

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Due to artistic differences, there will be no show or dance lessons at Ali Baba's Cave on Sundays.
Difference = I expect to be paid for my work :/ 

If a venue books a dancer and the dancer shows up, the venue must pay, whether or not the venue has sufficient customers to cover their costs.  If there is no "call in policy" and the dancer shows up as scheduled, she is entitled to payment for her time.

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